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1. Legal Basis


2. Description of National Procedure


2.1. Overview


2.2. Scope

Stakeholders can apply for a defence exemption from the following provisions/articles of the REACH Regulation:

  • Article 33 notifications in the supply chain
  • Article 66(1) notifications
  • Registration
  • Authorisation
  • Restriction

It is not possible for stakeholders to apply for an exemption from the REACH Regulation in its entirety (from all provisions/articles).

2.3. Template/Form

Applicants are required to fill in a specific formal document/template or form when they apply for a defence exemption.

A copy of this document in original language can be found here:

2.4. Charges/Fees

There are no charges/fees foreseen to be paid by stakeholders to the Ministry of Defence when applying for a defence exemption.

2.5. Decision-making process


2.6. Validity period

There is a specific validity duration when the exemption is granted. The validity duration is fixed and it is the same for all cases. The maximum validity duration is 12 years.

After an exemption has been granted and during its validity period, the applicant to which the exemption has been granted is not required to (re-)justify the requirements. Although, State environmental protection inspectors can check if applicants follow exemption conditions any time.

2.7. Extension

It is possible to provide an extension to the initial validity period of the defence exemption. To do this applicants must fill in and submit a new application template.

3. Description of National Safety and Traceability Measures

When there is High Risk (Level 3) according to EDA Code of Conduct (CoC), a Chemical Safety Assessment (CSA) is required. The Environmental Protection Agency (National Competent Authority) is the governmental agency that reviews the CSA.

When there is High Risk (Level 3) according to EDA CoC, a Chemical Safety Report (CSR) is also required, as in the REACH authorisation process.

4. National Bodies Involved


5. Where to File an Application


6. Conditions/Procedures for Acknowledgment/Recognition of Foreign Defence Exemptions


7. Number of Exemptions Granted


8. Contact Info


9. Link to national web site(s) (if any)



Last Update: 14 November, 2023