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Legal Basis

The law-decree n. º 293/2009, from October 13th, ensures the implementation of the obligations under REACH.

The national competent authorities are:

  • Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente – Portugal Environment Agency
  • Direção-Geral das Atividades Económicas – Directorate General for Economic Activities
  • Direção-Geral da Saúde – Directorate General for Health

The National Helpdesk is coordinated by the Directorate General for Economic Activities.

Helpdesk website

Description of National Procedure

The national procedure is in development.

Description of National Safeguard Measures


National Bodies Involved


Where to File an Application


Conditions/Procedures for Acknowledgment/Recognition of Foreign Defence Exemptions


Number of Exemptions Granted

No exemptions have been granted at this point.

Contact Info

Ministry of Defence – Directorate General for Defence Resources

Avenida Ilha da Madeira, 1

1400-204 Lisboa

Tel. +351 213 027 259

FAX. +351 213 038 571

Link to national web site(s) (if any)


Last Update: 12 November 2018